The Official Blog of the Zen Arch Linux Installer

Zen Installer 4/30

The newest version of the Zen Installer is now officially released. This version includes the ability to connect to a VPN prior to the installation process to allow users to maintain the utmost privacy. You will get asked which server you want to connect to and then a terminal window will open showing the VPN connection. You MUST close this window or else the installation will not start. I wanted to have a log window so you could verify that the connection was successful. You can download it on sourceforge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/revenge-installer/files/ or via Linuxtracker at https://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=319e70818ccda328bdebd0740e8de0489c5e4c90 You can get support at https://reddit.com/r/zeninstaller

VPN servers were provided by https://sigavpn.com. SigaVPN is a free VPN service dedicated to keeping users as private as possible with no-logs, an adblocking DNS server and DDOS protection. In addition, there's no account needed. You can download Siga configs at sigavpn.com and get support at https://reddit.com/r/sigavpn

New Addition to Zen

I am currently working with the owner of SigaVPN to integrate a VPN connection into the Installer. As a part of startup, you will get asked if you would like to use a VPN and then you will be allowed to connect to the Siga server you think is closest to you. I feel this is a great addition for users who want to maintain the utmost privacy and anonymity. This was very easy work, so you should definitely see the new ISO before the week is out.

SigaVPN is a free OpenVPN service that aims to protect user privacy, with strong encryption, no logs, and an ad-blocking DNS server. You can find more information and download configs at sigavpn.com, as well as find various ways to donate to him. You can also join his subreddit at r/sigavpn

What is Zen?

The Zen Installer is an Arch linux installer. The name has a double meaning. First, all of the dialogs are generated by Zenity. Second, My purpose is to keep you as calm and Zen as possible during the installation. You just choose the options presented from you and sit back and relax while everything is installed exactly the way that you specified If you want to get started with Zen or use the Revenge Repo, a package repo with various aur packages I find interesting, you can start at: sourceforge.net/projects/revenge-installer sourceforge.net/projects/revenge-repo/ gitlab.com/spookykidmm github.com/spookykidmm

Thank you all for joining me!

Zen installer Changes

For the future of the Zen Installer, I am officially moving away from the Revenge OS banner. It doesn't feel right to use the name without Jody around in addition to the fact that I haven't been maintaining Revenge OS. In the future, the Zen Installer will be treated as it's own, distinct project. If you're new to Revenge OS or Zen, Zen is an installer for Arch Linux, plain and simple. It was started by Jody James a number of years back and it eventually became my project, as Jody took it upon himself to be my coworker, my boss, and my mentor all wrapped into one. He gave me the Zen Installer and the Revenge OS projects because he knew how much passion I had about all the projects he started. I am disappointed in myself that I couldn't maintain Revenge OS, but I am very passionate about the Zen Installer and the Revenge Repo. In the spirit of moving out from under the Revenge OS umbrella, I have created all new social presences for myself. Blog: write.privacytools.io/zeninstaller Telegram: t.me/zeninstaller Reddit: reddit.com/r/zeninstaller Mastodon: social.privacytools.io/@zeninstaller Email: zeninstaller@tutanota.com I will create new donation gateways as well as post links to all relevant github repos. Thank you to all who have been with me in the past and a warm welcome to any new users