I Say No To Google's Manifest v3

No Google

Google is planning on making changes to the way extensions work in Chrome. Google claims that making these changes will provide better privacy and security. These claims are false. Google plans on changing the API that handles web requests. This will cripple the ability for extensions like uBlock Origin to function at its best. DeclarativeNetRequest will only limit the ability for developers to continue improving their extensions. For this I say no to Google's plans.

There are better that Google can improve the Chrome Web Store. They should start by having fast response when a extension is reported for abuse, a better automated system to detect malicious code, a better system to manually review extension code, and better guidelines. Google however, chooses to deny that this will be a problem for developers, but Google appears to care less for developers.

Here is what you can do to help combat this problem. Simply choose another browser, Firefox respects the wishes of the developer and the freedom to browse the way you like it. The time has come to start demanding companies to respect the freedom of its users, and not look to their own interests. I encourage developers to take a stand. Its my browser, and I'll use it how I like it.

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