Don't Expect Facebook To Fulfill Their Promises

Recently, Facebook has come under pressure, again. This time, it involves Facebook, blocking others from exploring their ad platform. This is a clear example, of why Facebook can't be expected to fulfill their promises. No matter what, Facebook will only focus on what they want. To maliciously spy and profit off of the user. This is why I'm currently using, and promoting, decentralized social networks. The current problem we face with getting people to join, involves the bad dependence that people have with Facebook. Most assume, that there is no other alternative out there, to replace Facebook. That is where the average Facebook user is wrong. Mastodon has proven to becoming a great alternative to using Facebook. The problem, also lies providing people with the proper information to using these services.

Once again this incident only proves one thing, Facebook is the big enemy in the tech triangle (Google, Facebook, and Microsoft).