Apple Is Not Your Friend

Rotten Apple

Recently, Apple has been putting out many commercials with the slogan “privacy, that's iPhone”. While Apple can say they're for privacy, you really can't trust that they really are. You also can't rely that Apple cares about your freedom. I'm here to explain why.

First off MacOS and iOS are both proprietary/closed-source systems. Apple doesn't want you to view the source code of their software. This affects privacy, because if you can't view the source code, then you can't determine what Apple is really doing behind the scenes is good or bad. Another reason is, you are already making connections to services such as iCloud, and since these services are proprietary, you can't trust Apple to handle your data.

Apple also doesn't respect your freedom, Apple has does this by embracing DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, DRM restricts your ability to use your product, how you like, wherever, whenever. Apple forces people to use their store on iOS for security reasons. Except, this isn't security, this is really control. Apple has put themselves as the gatekeeper of your system, they want you to use it how they want you to use it. Apple also solders their ram in the latest MacBooks, this is not okay. The consumer has the right to make a decision regarding their product. It isn't Apple's choice of how I upgrade my system.

If Apple wants to be respected, here is what they need to do.

  1. Let the user upgrade their hardware from other vendors without penalty

  2. Let the user review the source code

  3. Let the user install from other software sources on iOS

  4. Stop using DRM through iTunes

  5. Give better freedom towards experimenting with their system