Days in Seoul

These days we are all around Seoul doing sightseeing where sightseeing can be done. My kids enjoy it but fall asleep as soon as they touch the bed. Its nice for a change but i am looking forward to the time when the normal routines start again.

My photography skills seem to improve as i go along, hearing all the compliments i get for them and the requests of doing some shots of people we know.

Every evening we go out for dinner, searching for a restaurant of our liking. That is when the internet really becomes handy. There are many things i prefer from the past but unfolding and refolding maps is not one of them.

The food is most times very good. Probably i am a little bit biased having a Korean wife. Seeing my daughter drawing on the bill with the sincerity of a poem writer always sparks joy in me and the hope that she will be bound by books and learning as i am when shes older.

What i cant forget are the security cameras everywhere. You get used to them but the feeling of George Orwell's 1984 lingers constantly in the back of my mind. I don't even know why they place the “CCTV” signs. There is no public place without big brother watching so they could safe that money. I sometimes think that European laws are too strict but getting reminded again how it will be probably everywhere in the world makes me shudder and i appreciate my country again.

As you can guess i am for data security and privacy online and offline. I will get to that subject in length sooner or later.

Today i had a short flashback to my time back in china, when 2 ambulance cars rushed down the streets, but at least this time there were no dead bodies in my vicinity and the traffic was humane enough to make way for the emergency cars. On the other hand i would have loved pass on the memory of blood on the street before a good dinner.

The temperature and humidity are killing me in this country. 30°C and guessed 90% humidity makes you feel like drowning in mid air. No day goes by when i don't need 2 sets of clothes.

Today i will follow the lead of the late Christopher Hitchens and let the day end with a cold scotch and a few cigarettes.