The Beginning

So ill start with a little something from today. Its not like i will introduce myself right ahead cause no one will be interested in that anyway. At least for now i guess.

Today my Wife had a great adventure planed with the kids and i was so honored to be invited. The Amusement Park. The horror of my childhood. The annoyance of my adulthood.

We reside at the moment in South Korea, the reasons for this may be better suited for another time.

The morning began already with a stressful packing, unpacking, repacking of our belongings in a big Suitcase and a few tote bags which we received at a friendly cashier the evening before. The reason for her hurry was because we were “running late”. Running late in the sense to be there before everyone else, which is in my view nonsensical or better to say impossible. Being there before everyone else in a City with 12 million residents plus tourists. Feeding the kids, morning refreshments and down we went the 19 stories of the tallest building i have been till now. Into a full cramped Subway where you feel the eyes of every single passenger linger on you as long as you wont look in their approximate direction. Somehow i can understand the curiosity of the citizens, but being tired and stressed are not great circumstances for this kind of situations.

So we arrive at our destination to meet with my sister-in-law and her son, to get our tickets from her. At least we met well and proceeded to the entrance of this children filled hell. We enter and maybe you have guessed it but no, we did not be here before everyone else. Not even close. My kids, a son and a daughter, heartbeat went sky high, seeing all of the attractions. That is the moment you feel glad you are on this adventure with them. That is the moment that will fade very quickly.

The first place, a children's ride, we entered already with tears in my daughters eyes, because she wants to sit right away in the little cart and do not want to wait the line. She is 2, i can understand that. I would like to sit down too. Reading a book and don't get up for the next 4 hours but OK, its not my day. The ride went smooth at least and out we went for the next.

That is when it starts. 3 kids between 2 and 7 all want to do something else and now. And quick.

3 Adults try to muster all concentration to keep them in check, simultaneously disusing a battle plan. We go on some rides together, split for some other attractions. The times running fast at least and after lunch our energy is more or less drained. More and more i come to the point again where i don't understand why you throw yourself in these so called “Fun Lands”. Time goes by and all you see are exhausted faces and crying children. No Ride is long enough, no waiting line short enough. The day is filled of crying and fighting of children, paused by the short intervals of the rides they go on.

You capture a few photos which, as you hope, wont show how annoyed and tired everyone is, so no matter how the day ends you have a memory to look back and say “Awhh you remember this day? Wasn't it the best?” So no, i don't “get” this fun. In my opinion fun is when you don't cry half of the time but that's just me i guess.

Still its frowned upon when you don't want to do “active” things in life and prefer sitting down and do “not active” things. I'm not talking about activities for health benefits. You don't get your ass up and you die early that's how things are. But i don't see a reason why its better to have a day full of stress for both sides than a calm day somewhere else.

So i'm ending my day reflecting on those activities and the mental picture of a middle age woman with her daughter in her arms, which tries to empty a bottle of juice over her mothers head.

And that's what you pay for.