So today i came home again. Actually like 2 hours ago. The 10 hour flight and the driving home always kills me.

I enjoyed the last days with my family in Korea very much. They will stay a bit longer with their family while i headed back to work already. I know ill miss them a lot while they are gone. Already do.

At least i know work will keep me busy i guess. And i was able to taste the delicious airplane food. Win-win if id be starved enough.

While i was in the air i got reminded again that stewardess wouldn't be a job for me. First and foremost i am male and don't look well in dresses so maybe steward would work. But being a waiter/waitress at flighlevel 200 and above don't sound very appealing to me. The longer the flight takes, the more you are able to see that these helper in the sky reconsider their choice too.

I enjoyed the trip very much but the smoking situation got worse every time i have been there. Worse for the smokers i have to add. I was never a friend of smoking in restaurants so i do get that and i very much against it. Same for coffee shops where it should be at least separated. When i first visited Korea in 2008 there was no restriction what so ever. 10 years later people are hiding in side streets for a quick smoke because no one knows where you're allowed to and where not. It seems Korea spent a whole lot of money for “smoking forbidden” stickers in the last 5 years. They are everywhere. I mean everywhere. On walls, lampposts, you name it. I'm very much for keeping non smokers safe. I do not smoke at home. I do not smoke in company of non-smokers. But if you get rid of every chance to smoke everywhere it starts to get a bit annoying. Now you will say “why you don't quit smoking then if its so inconvenient?” I pretty much did that the last 3 years. The problem with this is when i turned 18 i got diagnosed with a certain condition which get lessened with nicotine. So the last 3 years weren't that enjoyable for me and so i started again this year as long as there's no good alternative out.

I have to add that i wouldn't mind the laws against smoking per se. What makes me getting a headache is the patronizing of the government. So smoking is unhealthy for you and everyone around you. We know that quite a while now. They counteracted with separate rooms for smokers. Fine for me. Now its unhealthy for you. OK that's not good either so lets forbid smoking. So we do that great. Drinking is very unhealthy for you too. Lets ban that too. Cant have the alcoholics roam free. Drugs are gone then, happy we. But there's so much unhealthy food outside. Lets ban that too. Cant have the people get unhealthy don't we. Great we ban that too then. But people should move more. Lets introduce laws for attending exercise hours. People will be so healthy they will have much less of health insurance costs. Isn't that awesome. But there are still people who just attend the exercises but don't give there best there. Why not introduce a feature that if you do need your insurance cause of “avoidable” reasons you pay a penalty. That will keep the people healthy i guess.

What i try to say with this is i am no friend of the government taking the free will from people. There is a huge difference in patronizing and informing. Like i am a huge supporter for vaccines, but i am very much against the law of vaccinating like they introduced in Italy.

Information is key and patronizing has to be avoided as much as possible.