Extracts of my Life

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So today i came home again. Actually like 2 hours ago. The 10 hour flight and the driving home always kills me.

I enjoyed the last days with my family in Korea very much. They will stay a bit longer with their family while i headed back to work already. I know ill miss them a lot while they are gone. Already do.

At least i know work will keep me busy i guess. And i was able to taste the delicious airplane food. Win-win if id be starved enough.

While i was in the air i got reminded again that stewardess wouldn't be a job for me. First and foremost i am male and don't look well in dresses so maybe steward would work. But being a waiter/waitress at flighlevel 200 and above don't sound very appealing to me. The longer the flight takes, the more you are able to see that these helper in the sky reconsider their choice too.

I enjoyed the trip very much but the smoking situation got worse every time i have been there. Worse for the smokers i have to add. I was never a friend of smoking in restaurants so i do get that and i very much against it. Same for coffee shops where it should be at least separated. When i first visited Korea in 2008 there was no restriction what so ever. 10 years later people are hiding in side streets for a quick smoke because no one knows where you're allowed to and where not. It seems Korea spent a whole lot of money for “smoking forbidden” stickers in the last 5 years. They are everywhere. I mean everywhere. On walls, lampposts, you name it. I'm very much for keeping non smokers safe. I do not smoke at home. I do not smoke in company of non-smokers. But if you get rid of every chance to smoke everywhere it starts to get a bit annoying. Now you will say “why you don't quit smoking then if its so inconvenient?” I pretty much did that the last 3 years. The problem with this is when i turned 18 i got diagnosed with a certain condition which get lessened with nicotine. So the last 3 years weren't that enjoyable for me and so i started again this year as long as there's no good alternative out.

I have to add that i wouldn't mind the laws against smoking per se. What makes me getting a headache is the patronizing of the government. So smoking is unhealthy for you and everyone around you. We know that quite a while now. They counteracted with separate rooms for smokers. Fine for me. Now its unhealthy for you. OK that's not good either so lets forbid smoking. So we do that great. Drinking is very unhealthy for you too. Lets ban that too. Cant have the alcoholics roam free. Drugs are gone then, happy we. But there's so much unhealthy food outside. Lets ban that too. Cant have the people get unhealthy don't we. Great we ban that too then. But people should move more. Lets introduce laws for attending exercise hours. People will be so healthy they will have much less of health insurance costs. Isn't that awesome. But there are still people who just attend the exercises but don't give there best there. Why not introduce a feature that if you do need your insurance cause of “avoidable” reasons you pay a penalty. That will keep the people healthy i guess.

What i try to say with this is i am no friend of the government taking the free will from people. There is a huge difference in patronizing and informing. Like i am a huge supporter for vaccines, but i am very much against the law of vaccinating like they introduced in Italy.

Information is key and patronizing has to be avoided as much as possible.

These days we are all around Seoul doing sightseeing where sightseeing can be done. My kids enjoy it but fall asleep as soon as they touch the bed. Its nice for a change but i am looking forward to the time when the normal routines start again.

My photography skills seem to improve as i go along, hearing all the compliments i get for them and the requests of doing some shots of people we know.

Every evening we go out for dinner, searching for a restaurant of our liking. That is when the internet really becomes handy. There are many things i prefer from the past but unfolding and refolding maps is not one of them.

The food is most times very good. Probably i am a little bit biased having a Korean wife. Seeing my daughter drawing on the bill with the sincerity of a poem writer always sparks joy in me and the hope that she will be bound by books and learning as i am when shes older.

What i cant forget are the security cameras everywhere. You get used to them but the feeling of George Orwell's 1984 lingers constantly in the back of my mind. I don't even know why they place the “CCTV” signs. There is no public place without big brother watching so they could safe that money. I sometimes think that European laws are too strict but getting reminded again how it will be probably everywhere in the world makes me shudder and i appreciate my country again.

As you can guess i am for data security and privacy online and offline. I will get to that subject in length sooner or later.

Today i had a short flashback to my time back in china, when 2 ambulance cars rushed down the streets, but at least this time there were no dead bodies in my vicinity and the traffic was humane enough to make way for the emergency cars. On the other hand i would have loved pass on the memory of blood on the street before a good dinner.

The temperature and humidity are killing me in this country. 30°C and guessed 90% humidity makes you feel like drowning in mid air. No day goes by when i don't need 2 sets of clothes.

Today i will follow the lead of the late Christopher Hitchens and let the day end with a cold scotch and a few cigarettes.

So ill start with a little something from today. Its not like i will introduce myself right ahead cause no one will be interested in that anyway. At least for now i guess.

Today my Wife had a great adventure planed with the kids and i was so honored to be invited. The Amusement Park. The horror of my childhood. The annoyance of my adulthood.

We reside at the moment in South Korea, the reasons for this may be better suited for another time.

The morning began already with a stressful packing, unpacking, repacking of our belongings in a big Suitcase and a few tote bags which we received at a friendly cashier the evening before. The reason for her hurry was because we were “running late”. Running late in the sense to be there before everyone else, which is in my view nonsensical or better to say impossible. Being there before everyone else in a City with 12 million residents plus tourists. Feeding the kids, morning refreshments and down we went the 19 stories of the tallest building i have been till now. Into a full cramped Subway where you feel the eyes of every single passenger linger on you as long as you wont look in their approximate direction. Somehow i can understand the curiosity of the citizens, but being tired and stressed are not great circumstances for this kind of situations.

So we arrive at our destination to meet with my sister-in-law and her son, to get our tickets from her. At least we met well and proceeded to the entrance of this children filled hell. We enter and maybe you have guessed it but no, we did not be here before everyone else. Not even close. My kids, a son and a daughter, heartbeat went sky high, seeing all of the attractions. That is the moment you feel glad you are on this adventure with them. That is the moment that will fade very quickly.

The first place, a children's ride, we entered already with tears in my daughters eyes, because she wants to sit right away in the little cart and do not want to wait the line. She is 2, i can understand that. I would like to sit down too. Reading a book and don't get up for the next 4 hours but OK, its not my day. The ride went smooth at least and out we went for the next.

That is when it starts. 3 kids between 2 and 7 all want to do something else and now. And quick.

3 Adults try to muster all concentration to keep them in check, simultaneously disusing a battle plan. We go on some rides together, split for some other attractions. The times running fast at least and after lunch our energy is more or less drained. More and more i come to the point again where i don't understand why you throw yourself in these so called “Fun Lands”. Time goes by and all you see are exhausted faces and crying children. No Ride is long enough, no waiting line short enough. The day is filled of crying and fighting of children, paused by the short intervals of the rides they go on.

You capture a few photos which, as you hope, wont show how annoyed and tired everyone is, so no matter how the day ends you have a memory to look back and say “Awhh you remember this day? Wasn't it the best?” So no, i don't “get” this fun. In my opinion fun is when you don't cry half of the time but that's just me i guess.

Still its frowned upon when you don't want to do “active” things in life and prefer sitting down and do “not active” things. I'm not talking about activities for health benefits. You don't get your ass up and you die early that's how things are. But i don't see a reason why its better to have a day full of stress for both sides than a calm day somewhere else.

So i'm ending my day reflecting on those activities and the mental picture of a middle age woman with her daughter in her arms, which tries to empty a bottle of juice over her mothers head.

And that's what you pay for.