This is my first entry in a blog that I do not yet have a clear purpose for. I am craving an outlet, and I may use this platform to fill the void. I have considered reviewing restaurants, services and anything else I care to write about, which may be a good place to start. My first step will be to figure out how to format text and create a header. This service seems to use Markdown.

There we go.

With that out of the way, I can better organize my thoughts. I do not yet know who will be reading this, but I welcome you.

It occurs to me that this is the perfect way to increase my typing speed as well as overall accuracy of my keystrokes. This has been an ongoing learning experience, as I have always typed using the hunt-and-peck style since I was a child in school. I have recently taken an interest in building my own keyboards, and have completed construction on my first. Now that it is complete, I was disappointed to realize that it would be primarily used for gaming and not used very much for typing. This blog changes that. I will strive to write here without looking at my fingers, which in time will make me both a better typist and a better writer.

This is not a journal.

I have a paper notebook that is kept in my bag, which will be what I consider my “Journal”. It will record my life from my perspective, in snapshots that I wish to capture. This blog however, will be a public outlet for opinions and reviews.


Since this blog is running on a privacy respecting service and hosted by a privacy respecting website, private services and practices will be often discussed here. This will include products such as VPNs, password managers, operating systems, and perhaps even some hardware. As of this date, System 76 has announced production on their in-house laptop, which has me very excited.

This will also include reviews of restaurants or experiences, from the perspective of a privacy advocate doing their best to keep personal information out of searchable databases and away from advertisers and data brokers.

Thank you for reading, there is much more to come. -Wiz

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