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Recording starts... same procedure as every monday

Food: check Coffee: check Audacity: check Mood: 🤖 Status: Ready for recording the netcasts today


Writing things on the Amiga

Okay, it's official now, I'm stuck in the 90s :). I'm typing this on an Amiga in JanoEditor. Wow... I had to do this. Problem is, at the moment I can not post it from the Amiga directly, because the browser doesn't suppport https on my blog, or can even show it at all.


Too much green tea... 😰 🍵 😆

Well... that happens sometimes. Too much caffeine and I'll get all shivering.

And yes... There is plenty caffeine in green tea.

You need to be strong not to fall for April Fools'

This year will be hard. So many bozos around and unbelievable stupid things happening all over the place. This will be hard to distinguish what's a joke or not. sigh I really don't like April Fools' day :#

Today on my desk…

Amiga fun! But yes, I also have to do some housework… or maybe I reschedule cleaning to tommorow? :) Let's see.


Less is more

If you discover some disturbances today or in the next days, it's because I'm optimizing my blog to use less bandwidth.


CPU-Power LED-Bar soldered

Okay, so the board is ready. Now for the tricky part… the software. I have to figure out how I can read input from the USB port on the Pi Pico. Then I need to write a piece of software on my desktop computer to send the CPU-values to the USB port where the Pico is. I don't even know if this is possible on the Pico side to read input from the USB-connector. Let's see.


Raspberry Pi 400 – The Perfect Retro-Gaming Device

Raspberry Pi 400A new “toy” arrived a few days ago. The long wanted Raspberry Pi 400! I had it on my radar since I first saw a photo. The form factor remembering me of C64, and the Amiga 500, and so many other home computers of the 70s/80s/90s. And I thought it might be a good idea to use it for emulators of all kind. And man, I was right.


Happy Pi-Day everyone!

No, not Raspberry Pi Day, but π Day. However if you celebrate the Raspberry Pi together with 3/14 you're welcome :)

Prevent Raspberry PI NAS Drives from Shutdown

There are a lot of tutorials showing you how to use hdparm to prevent your NAS drives on the Raspberry Pi spinning down. But if you are one on those unfortunate users like me that has a dock/drive enclosure that spins down on its own, regardles of what you set with hdparm, this is a solution that works.