Don't be fooled by VPN companies.

The industry of VPN's if worth over $20 billion and is expecting exponential growth over the next few years.

The question is, how do they make such money out of simply providing 1 part of the puzzle which is online privacy.

The answer: Phrases like: “Get secure and private access to the internet” “Enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere” “Leave no traces on the internet” “Use military-grade encryption” “The one-click solution for your privacy needs”

Most VPN websites are also accompanied with clipart of some hooded person sat slumped over a black computer with green text, supposedly hacking for your bank details. The truth is though, VPN's are not your 1-stop solution for privacy online and they never will be. Privacy consists of so much more than just spoofing your IP address and if you go cheap when buying one – chances are they are either selling your data to third parties, leaking your IP through WebRTC requests, installing malware to your devices or maybe even all of the above. Even if you do go for an expensive, well trusted VPN provider their is always the chance that the Government may be snooping around. The Trump Administration is not afraid to break laws when it comes to internet privacy.

Privacy is a tough thing to maintain, it requires discipline, skill and constant effort. Therefore their is no way you can just click a button and be instantly private. Measures such as using online aliases when providing details, getting goods delivered to a PO box or safe house, always paying in cash etc...Are just some of the things that are an essential piece of the puzzle of privacy.

I have referenced the puzzle of privacy a lot, this is because it is metaphorically a puzzle that takes time, patience and determination to piece together, As for as I'm aware, their is no commercially available puzzle that offers a one-click solution. Such as their is no one-click solution for privacy online.

This post is not intended for tips on staying private online, but more of a hit out against the daylight robbery that uses scare-mongering to steal your well earned cash and maybe even steal some of your personal data at the same time.

Don't get me wrong though, VPN's are a piece of the puzzle, not as major as the companies may say, but they are certainly useful. Just make sure you see beyond how they see themselves. Make your own mind up.

I'm not being sponsored here but I use ProtonVPN ( They cut all the rubbish and just help make you that bit more private online.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and... Have a good day.

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