Mohammad Shavez

Greetings! I am Mohammad Shavez. I am a technology enthusiast and I like to read and write about it. Ever since I have realized the threat to privacy and freedom, I have been on a mission to bring awareness to people about the dangers of technologies that we are so fond of today.

This blog is something I do in my free time. I am a software developer and most of my time goes in programming and stuff. If you are willing to get involved in some kind of projects, you can reach out to me and we can maybe work together.

I am still learning stuff and there is every possibility that I can make mistakes in my blog-posts. If you encounter any discrepancy, I will be glad to know about it.

Of course, this blog would never be possible without the amazing software that the open source community develops and I would like to thank them for the same.

You can contact me using the links below. I will be happy to learn more about you and opinions you have about the current state of technology.

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