NextDNS a PiHole style DNS on the cloud

Maybe you heard about PiHole, an awesome FOSS software for blocking DNS request on our home network that can be installed on pretty much every GNU/Linux device (even a Raspberry Pi Zero) and protect us from trackers and block ads to the entire home network.

PiHole is great, but the necessary skills and time required to install and maintein this service can be a no-go for some users, for this reason NextDNS was created. It's not necessary to have an account and the configuration can be done in less than 5 minutes.

NextDNS Dashboard

On the “How to setup” section you can find a very well written guide to set up your new DNS instance on all your devices (if you want to use it in your home network, go to “Routers” tab).

How to add Blocklists

As you can imagine, you can add new host lists on the “List” tab; there you can find the most popular ones and some specific (phishing, gambling...). Currently you can't add your own host lists, that's the only “negative” point with this service.

Configuration tabs on NextDNS

On the “Services” tab, you can select from a list of common pages like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram or Amazon (and more) and block all the traffic to that platform with a simple switch. So, if you don't use or don't want any of your devices to connect to that services, you can disable (and enable it) anytime you want.

Last, on the “Settings” tab, you can disable logging, set DNS rebinding protection and delete the current profile.

Logging configuration, as well as other useful settings

Pricing and privacy policy

According to their page, the service will be free during beta, and will remain free up to 300,000 DNS request/month (which is a lot, but if you want to know how many request does your network do, look at the “Analytics” tab), for accounts passing through that limit, the price will be around $1 per month.

Their privacy policy is actually very good to read, simple, short and without any misleading points. No data sold or share and option to disable all data collection.

NextDNS's privacy policy


As you can see, we (the users) have some good, new easy to use tools to protect our privacy that adjust to our personal threat model; and now, with new tools every day, we can democratize the privacy movement and keep our society away from surveillance companies.