How to Live Without Google and Other Evil Tech Giants

This is my personal list of tools to avoid Surveillance Capitalism. I will try to keep it up to date, add more stuff and fix mistakes that are pointed out to me. Please also give me tips for other tools I could use, but don't be mad if I don't have the time to look into and add all of them. Besides avoiding big tech companies there are other important aspects regarding privacy and security that I won't get into in this article much – but I might add some links.

For other lists check out these websites:

Ethical Tech Giving Guide (Hardware) Framasoft FSFE prism-break PrivacyTools restoreprivacy switchingsocial Tutanota (❗️inherently biased when it comes to email examples)

D’Evils (what we are trying to avoid)

The links below will not take you to the companies' websites, but to Wikipedia articles about mergers by the companies. That should give you an indication about their dominance in the industry.


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Operating Systems

Mobile Operating Systems


Mobile App Stores


Desktop Operating Systems


As for Desktop App Stores many free operating systems come with their own stores. I can only speak for Ubuntu, which comes with a store including free as well as proprietary apps. You can't filter them so you'll always have to check whether the app is free or proprietary before installing. Otherwise just manually install apps from developers you trust by following the install instructions on their websites.

Web Browsing

Web Browsers


Browser Addons

Search Engines



Mail Providers


Mail Apps


Instant Messaging


The problem with instant messaging is that there are many different protocols in use and clients that use different protocols can't communicate with each other. SMS/MMS is the most widespread protocol – though it can be costly to send a lot of SMS/MMS texts. With other protocols you often either need to convince all your contacts to use the same messenger or have many messengers installed. The more privacy friendly the messenger the more likely you'll only be able to communicate with privacy-geeks.

Social Media


To understand free social media you first need to understand the Fediverse and therefore these concepts:

Server Software:


The Fediverse is much more than just Social Media and blogging. There is e.g. also Funkwhale (below) and PeerTube (below). For a full? list of Software in the fediverse check out the Wikipedia article.

Mobile Apps:



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