OST to PST conversion tool, Discover the true meaning of conversion!

A tool that stands out as one of the greatest tools created in the history is none other than OST Extractor Pro. Since its inception, it has continuously been offering its spectacular services to the users wishing to convert their OST files.

The OST to PST Conversion Tool

As an OST to PST conversion tool, it gives out phenomenal performance in every particular aspect of the conversions job. It takes the users far away from the usual hassles that are projected by the ordinary OST to PST conversion tools in accomplishing the job. Some of these problems could be listed as slow-moving conversions, unyielding conversions, and the like.

Basically, for such tasks to be categorized as successful, it is essential that the process be completed in a timely manner alongside producing impeccable results. It goes without saying that this tool achieves this and much more.

To discover the true power of a tool, OST Extractor Pro must certainly be tried by one and all for fulfilling their demand of an outstanding OST to PST conversion tool.

ost to pst conversion

Why this OST to PST conversion tool supersedes the performance rating of all others!

If a tool is constantly rated as the number one OST to PST converter tool then there must be some very special reasons for the same. In order to give a clear picture to the users, some of the features that give this tool an edge over the others have been discussed hereunder.


The tool is proficient in guarding the files in entirety from beginning till the end of the conversion process. This OST to PST conversion tool does not compromise a single bit on the security aspect and thereby is preferred by the users who are attached to their databases.


The true test for any OST to PST conversion tool is in its ability to produce the copies of the content in a different format. This tool is quite seasoned in that department. The tool is able to rebuild all the elements like metadata, graphical elements, nested messages, notes, contacts, calendars, etc. Moreover, the tool is also able to preserve the folder hierarchy structure of the files.

What is even more interesting is the fact that this tool can achieve the same quality of outputs for conversions such as OST to Windows Live Mail, Apple mail, Postbox, EML, Thunderbird, and MBOX.


Instead of presenting the users with a modernized complicated version of the tool, this OST to PST conversion tool presents a very basic understandable single screen GUI. The users are certainly able to follow the guidelines straight to the desired destination.

Moreover, the process which is just a couple of clicks is pretty basic too.

The conversion process of this OST to PST converter tool can be charted as:

Upload Of Database –> Selection Or De-selection Of The Uploaded Folders –> Setting Up Of PST File Size –> Choice Of Output –> Choice Of Location For The Output –>Conversion And Scrutiny Over A Log Report