Blog collections

General advice:

These blog posts do not have any focused subject. Here I will post all my random thoughts on security.

How to choose a “secure” messenger. In this post I will describe my personal view on how people should choose their messenger.

Slicing onions:

Slicing onions is my series on the Tor project.

Slicing onions: Part 1 – Myth busting Tor. In this post I will try and debunk most myths and inaccuracies about the Tor network.

Slicing onions: Part 2 – Onion recipes; VPN not required. In this blog I attempt to explain how Tor relates to VPNs and other privacy enhancing technology.

Slicing onions: part 3 – Don't leave your fingerprint! Work in progress.

Slicing onions: Part 4 – Tor in depth. Work in progress.