About Me

My profile pictureHello! I'm Jonah and I'm the administrator of the privacytools.io servers. Occasionally I'll post [hopefully] interesting stuff about running those servers and other stuff related to the project.

You can contact me at jonah@privacytools.io or on Mastodon @jonah@social.privacytools.io and at our GitHub Organization. Finally, you can generally find me on Matrix at @jonah:privacytools.io.

My Other Sites

You can find my public keys at jonaharagon.com/keys and also contact me on Signal at +1 763 392 3051, but I do prefer Matrix for most communication.

Check out “My thoughts on security” a blog by blacklight447 (another privacytools.io team member) about security, privacy, and anonymity related topics: https://write.privacytools.io/my-thoughts-on-security/