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If you run servers for public services, like I do with, you definitely want to monitor them for any successful logins to user accounts (via SSH, et cetera). The way I plan to accomplish this is to setup an automatic notification to the Pushover app on my phone in the event of any login. I'm going to implement this as part of PAM authentication, and configure it to fail any logins if the notification script fails for whatever reason.


Some people called for me to write a more technically detailed/in-depth guide to setting up Tor with alt-svc after we set it up on, so while I do it all over again on our Mastodon server, I figured I'd write this post! Plus, it'll make it easier for me if I need to do this again in the future :)


We're excited to announce the launch of Tor connectivity to the homepage, and we hope to get Tor working on the rest of our services as soon as possible.

Update 5/6: Some people asked me for a more detailed post and guide on how to set this kind of thing up on their own servers, so I went ahead and did that. Hopefully if you're a service operator or you just like that kidn of stuff it'll be helpful to you!


Update 5/15: I'm keeping a higher-priority/more up-to-date copy of all my keys at


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