Some thoughts about some stuff.

Actually there is a mistake at header, it should be Why you should start your own blog at, because it provides a really good service for it's users. Firstly, it is simple. Secondly, it allows you to stay anonymous. But good features aren't limited to that. Why don't you start your own blog now, if you haven't already?

Guides on writing

I recommend you to, just write, think, publish, these are my recommendations as a unexperienced blog writer.

Today, I checked GitHub for OpenVPN installation scripts, there is lots of scripts here but most of them are not really good. Lack of security and encryption are commons of these scripts in most cases. It made me consider to switch Wireguard or just setup myself. But when you look at differences, Wireguard is faster with same encryption and auditable. So, just switched to Wireguard. But maybe you shouldn't, you should make your own research because it doesn't fits to everyone.

Hello! I'm someone from internet. I will try to publish some posts at this page, I'm not sure about the topics but I guess topics will be about internet, mathematics and some computer science stuff.