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A Brief Insight into the Scary world of AI

As AI progresses it becomes more and more of an everyday thing, and more of a norm.

A few years ago people would have never believed that major companies would be putting loads of Money into smart speakers such as ‘Alexa’ and ‘Google Home’.

Being someone who is working to help create a new virtual assistant, I find it scary to think that we use AI on a regular basis and we probably aren’t even aware of it. Every time we say ‘Hey Siri’ we are using it.

This is alarming because in a lot of cases the AI is listening even when its meant to be off. This a huge privacy risk, and why many people are sceptical about bringing AI into their homes.

The big benefit of AI is that there is no limit to what it can do, beyond battery life. All you have to do for it to be able to do something is tell it the rules.

Take teaching a robot chess for an example: Scientists wanted to make a robot that could beat the best chess player in the world. At first they taught it the best moves that the top players used and knew, the robot was rubbish. Then they tried a different approach. They taught it the rules of chess, and let it figure out the best moves it self. It was unbeatable. It made moves that no-one had ever made before.

This is when people started to realise that all you have to do to make a robot do something, is teach it the basic rules.

This correlates to AI. When you have a conversation with ‘Siri’ it may not feel 100% normal, but that is because it is learning. Siri by now must have had billions of conversations, and that’s why overtime they have got more realistic.

Of course this is also down to the devs, but the software is learning.

This is the future of AI. This is what we are going to see more and more of in the future. AI can already do a lot, such as creating the coldest things know to man from scratch in under a hour, but they are going to be major scientific advances in the future due to AI.

Now I am defiantly not saying the world will be run by Robots, but AI is going to mean an awful lot in the future.