100 Days to Offload, Day 13 – New apps (and plain text files)

For the thirteenth day of the 100 Days to Offload blogging challenge, I'd like to report some changes to my tools, and muse about uses for plain text files.

It may take you 3 minutes to read this post.

So, an update to my minimalist phone setup: I've decided to switch out Slim Launcher for KISS Launcher. I realized that I kept bypassing Slim Launcher or not using at all, in favor of my phone's pre-installed app launcher; to be honest, Slim Launcher is frustrating to use when I really need an app, but it's not on the homescreen app list. However, said pre-installed launcher kept crashing randomly, probably because my phone's very old. Thus, I decided to use KISS Launcher instead, which limits the number of apps onscreen, but still lets me access the rest of my apps.

Now, an update to my mobile browser setup: remember when I said I was sticking to Firefox Klar? Well, it turns out that some ads and popups still get through in the browser, unless JavaScript is disabled globally. Unfortunately, some websites I visit need JavaScript, which means I have to enable it again. To break this endless cycle, I reluctantly switched to Firefox Preview, so I can use uBlock Origin which is more convenient for disabling JavaScript globally while allowing it for certain websites. I suppose I'll have to make do with DuckDuckGo as my default search engine in the app, and hope Firefox Preview supports the Dark Background and Light Text extension someday.


After my unusually-popular “Notes in one big text file” blog post, I've been thinking about other plain text files that I could use for my everyday workflow. I've found interesting suggestions from these articles:

So far, here are the plain text files that I use frequently. They're saved in the Nextcloud folder on my computer, and I've created shortcuts for them on the desktop.

In addition, I have saved directly to my desktop:

I think I'll create an Ideas.md file for all my writing ideas, not just topics for blog posts — a “spark file” of sorts. This is separate from my Notes.md file, because Notes.md is for my research, while Ideas.md will be for quotes, writing prompts, and potential plot seeds.


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