100 Days to Offload, Day 12 – My favorite text editor

For the twelfth day of the 100 Days to Offload blogging challenge, I'd like to talk about the text editor I use everyday. This one is fairly brief, because my migraine returned with a vengeance.

It may take you 1 minute to read this post.

Earlier, I saw this post by Mike Stone among my RSS feeds today, where he discusses his history of text editors. It inspired me to discuss my very short history of text editors.

My family once had this old, bulky computer setup that ran Windows XP. I used it for some school assignments, and because I didn't know about software software back then, I simply used the basic and very ugly pre-installed Notepad for writing drafts and coding webpages.

Then, during my high school years, one of my Computer Science teachers introduced our class to Notepad++. It was like a whole new world was opened to me: Notepad++ has more options and functions than Notepad ever had, and way prettier for examining code as well. Notepad++ left such an impression on me that when I got my first personal computer, one of the programs I immediately installed was Notepad++.

Up to this day, Notepad++ is still my text editor of choice. I've tried other text editors such as Atom and vim, but I've found that nothing beats Notepad++ in terms of speed and simplicity. I don't need to do anything more complicated than viewing or editing text. For my needs, Notepad++ works for me perfectly.


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