Why do we choose to separate ourselves into so many sub categories? Who thought up the concept of “race”? Weather it by political party or socioeconomic status the HUMAN race has found ways of dividing itself and then pitting one vs another.

We are all connected on levels and in ways we have long since chosen to forget. I find myself getting so upset at Trump and Republicans. And when I catch myself in these fits of rage it becomes apparent to me that I do not like the person I become when I have these knee-jerk reactionary responses to his stances. We should never give someone that much emotional power over us. hate and rage changes whom we are in so many ways.

I have chosen not to “hate” anyone regardless of ideological difference but I do hate who he turns me into when I think.about him. You see those people, those Republicans are still humans with the same fears and families that I have. The same love, same needs as any other person. Ideological differences do not make someone else any less human, any less real. They walked a different path in life, had different life experiences that made them into whom they are. Who am I to call there feelings any less valid simply because I disagree with them?

Trump stokes a level of hate that I have not seen in my lifetime. But if there is one thing in my time on this earth has taught me it's that you do win against hate with hate. You do so with love. You need to bring light into the darkness, not more darkness. And yes, even understanding. Take the time to listen to each other. We have much more in common than our political parties wish us to believe.

We all like to imagine we have this world figured out. That we all know how this world works. This is a false understanding that brings a sense of comfort. It helps us combat the pain in our lives and it helps us move past and even overlook the things we don't understand. The problem living your life that way is your spiritual and emotional growth gets stifled because you never reach out of your comfort zone. In fact, its discomfort, pain, respectful disagreements, that expands our world views and in doing so, our minds.

You want to combat hate? Go volunteer at a batted woman's shelter. You want to fight back at those whom want to use scare tactics to get you to vote how they want you to? Go down to your local homeless shelter and feed someone. You see its only within the lessons we teach each other, that true understanding can be found. We each hold a piece of the puzzle we call the human experience and unless we talk to each other on the level, unless we see past the small box society confines us into, we will continue to live our lives never truly being for-filled with the true beauty that's out there. The unique beauty in our differences.

Reach outside of your comfort zone and talk to someone who does not agree with your stances. This is how you gain compassion and empathy for each other. Two things that in our modern times, we are in serious shortage of. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope this message finds you healthy and with love in your heart.

PS. For ALL my brethren and sisters in the USA. Please turn out and vote.