If your tired of Facebook Twitter and Instagram stealing and selling your browsing habits feel free to join me on Mastodon. A decentralized open source social media platform that respects user privacy.

Privacytools.io is an excellent place to find services designed for you to reclaim your data privacy and online presence.

Pixelfed is a decentralized privacy conscience open source alternative to Instagram. You can find me here on pixelfed

Signalis an out-of-the box encrypted open sourced messenger with the ability to integrate as your default SMS/MMS cellphone app.

XMPP is a end to end encrypted (with proper plugins such as OMEMO) open source messaging protocol. for more information please click here.And if you wish to add me, I am at bazurk@disroot.org

Google scans every email you get via Gmail. For an alternative try a end to end encrypted email service such as German headquartered Tutanota.

Mulvad VPN gets high marks for privacy as its Swedish based and has a very good reputation.

And last but what may be in my humble opinion most important, for God sake switch to Linux. Its arguably a far better more customizable OS with (few exceptions) no telemetry data being sent from the OS. If you are worried about the learning curve, try something like Linux Mint.

Disclaimer: These services / apps are only my suggestions. Please do your own homework on how to take back your online data privacy. If you disagree with me I am open to hear suggestions. Reach out to me on one of my posted platforms.