Who Am I?

Im a Security and Privacy Enthusiast studying to become a cybersec engineer. Communities in the Matrix know me pretty well as Lestat or Gorillanderthal. Currently I work as an IT specialist (its pretty boring but its chill). 3 things you shouldnt bother to ask me if you meet me in Matrix or somewhere else: My age, My name or my location.


“Why wouldn't you just host your own website for your blog?”

Im Lazy thats the main reason :P But also I dont bother to host my own website when privacytools.io host a pretty good one already.

“What OS do you use?”

Tails, QubeOS and Windows (I only use Windows when i play them retro games)

“But windows isnt secure or private. You should just use Linux”

False. Linux is FAR LESS secure than windows as displayed here: https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/linux.html

And Windows is not private out of the box but it can be made private using tools like privatezilla, w10privacy and spyblocker.

If you want to contact me then find me on matrix privacy and security communities or the SPITE room. My name on matrix is now Lestat (i finally switched) or if you cant find me ask someone for gorillanderthal.