—My documents are highly encrypted on multiple physical media: 21 USB keys, each of which is encrypted with a different password with a length of one hundred and thirty hexadecimal characters whose encryption protocol is:

AES (Twofish(Serpent)) 256-bit Key operates/functions in XTS mode Ci -EK1 (Pi – (EK2(n) ai) – (EK2(n) ai) And More: PKCS-5 PRF & HMAC-STEEBOG_SHA-512

All these USB keys are initially encrypted with data compression software itself also encrypted with a different password for each USB key.

To be able to access sensitive documents, you have to decipher the 21 USB sticks.

Then when all the USB sticks are decrypted it is necessary to decipher again the encrypted content of each of them. And you'll get the result. I use TailsOs via Luks during these deciphering operations.

If I lose a single USB stick, I lose everything. None of these data storage devices are in my home.

And I really appreciate 0-day attacks, they are sometimes interesting to decompilize and analyze, when possible, because often very complex er formidable.

I'm not paranoid, but I'm pretty vigilant. My only ally is my memory, I don't trust anyone. But it is necessary to know the methods used by my enemies.

November 22, 2019_Thesis by Baptiste Lambin. Great Work Optimization of core components of block ciphers: https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02380098/document

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